About Me

I created this website in 2015 when I was 14 years old. I was born July 21, 2001. I taught myself everything that I know about computers. When I was in 3rd grade, I decided I wanted to learn how to code. I went on youtube and learned how to create a simple batch program. Then, I pursued webdesign, and front end web development. Now, I have a relatively wide range of programming knowledge that includes HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Node.JS, PHP, MYSQL, Java, Python, and a few other languages.

In 2015, I spent over 100 hours shadowing at a company called STL and learned about networks, network security, virtual machines, network switches, how to professionally and effectivally communicate with clients, and thinking outside the box for automating miscellaneous tasks.

I am currently a tech intern at Tri-Valley High School. I am responsible for fixing any tech requests sent by teachers. When I'm not assisting teachers, there are always different projects to work on around the school. Most of these projects include upgrading RAM in computer labs, updating computer labs to Windows 10, installing software to computers, setting up smart boards, imaging laptops, and fixing miscellaneous technology brought to the tech room. I also fix broken screens and general laptop repair for people.

In early 2018 I began desiging and hosting websites for numerous companies throughout the country. I currently host nine different websites! I also recently created an interactive webapp for a local company to automate a form they use to retrieve information from their clients. It has been used every day for a few weeks now without any trouble! (I bet it'll have a problem now that I said that haha). If you would like to check out some of sites I've made, check out http://thesamdickey.com/.

Working with computers is not the only thing I spend my time on though. I am a varsity football player and also love working out. I lift frequently and love staying in shape. Whenever it isn't freezing cold I enjoy shooting my bow outside. Most people don't know that I used to do taekwondo, and in 2012 became a black belt. I quit when I moved from Georgia to Illinois in the summer of 2014. In middle school I competed in shotput and discus for a few years. I play tenor sax in marching band, concert band, church band, and compete against other ensembles in a saxophone quartet. I also do a lot of gaming, but it can be difficult sometimes living in a farm house with well over 100ms of latency.